2009 World Masters Championships - Lahti, Finland

Greg and me next to the Stadium - how beautiful is this track - maybe I need to get out more....
Tactics were to sit at back and try to run a slow first lap as I hadn't done any running training for this race due to injury
Tactics paid off and I picked up the pace after a very very slow first lap with 250m to go when Suzie Cole (Australia) made a move
Unadulturated relief at having won - couldn't believe it - off only 12 weeks of running training.....
Post 800m race recovery ice bath.... and feeding the ducks with NutriGrain - I think they swam with renewed energy afterwards
It had been a very tough and frustrating year that tested my resolve, so to be standing here with my coach was a great achievement for us both
Coach Greg Richards and Kimmo Saaristo (Finnish 100m championship 1983 - 1986) overlooking the 1952 Olympic Stadium in Helsinki
In Helsinki harbour - my own little boat....
The 400m - pleased to get a medal from only 12 weeks of running - after reflection realised it was probably the best I could have hoped for

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